Wine at the Turks

Wet your whistle? Come inn for a refreshment

Selections may vary throughout the year

A splash more wine?

In addition to our many lagers and ales available, we also hold a large selection of choice wines from Australian Old Press Shiraz to fruity Califia Falls Zinvandel Rose. Our separate wine menu offers a wide range from subtle Pinot Grigio to the more classic Chablis. We also offer sweet dessert white wines and Tosti champagnes that will bring a sparkle to any evening.

By the bottle or by the glass, chilled in our champagne holders or served as they come, having drinks with a few friends has never been so laid back at the Countryman. For a listed example of what we offer please click here for our menu.

Chequers table Pool at the Chequers Fine wine at the Chequers Seating at the Chequers

Whats in your pint?

From local ales to fine lagers, here at the Countyman Inn, we are proud to host a larger than average selection of beverages, both alcoholic and non- alcoholic. We like to offer variety at the Countryman Inn, which is why we have lagers like Peroni and Pilsner on tap for your pleasure.

Hosting six real ales from Yorkshire, Cornwall and just down the road from the Countryman our best bitter Ringwood, they are all sourced and brought together here at the Countryman's bar. A quiet fruity number in the sun or inside awaits. For an up to date list of what we have on tap click here to email us or contact us on 01305 852666

Refreshment soft and cool

After something less malty, driving, or something for the little ones? We always have a wide variety of soft drinks, ranging from quirky Fentimans dandelion and burdock to our fruity range of Frobishers. With cordial mixers and fruitshoots, having a drink that doesn't go to your head but rather your taste buds is always an option at our bar. We vary what bottled drinks we have in stock, always trying to bring you the latest and most reliable quenching taste.

We have a full range of freshly ground coffees from mochas to double espressos, if you love coffee then head to the bar and see what we can do for you.

Pool at the Chequers Chequers table Fine wine at the Chequers Seating at the Chequers